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Author Guidelines


The Manuscript General Guidelines

  1. The article should have not been published in any media publication and not contain a plagiarism element.
  2. The article can from research articles and study literature .
  3. The article can be written in English or Bahasa for 5000-7000 words not include title, abstract, author, affiliation with the author, correspondence of author, and reference.
  4. If the article is written in Indonesian, the abstract should be typed in English. Meanwhile, if the article is written in English, the abstract should be typed in English only.
  5. Special for the article section, please use the left margin of 25 mm, the top margin of 30 mm, right and bottom margins of 20 mm. articles refer to the instructions in the template.
  6. Uploading The Copyright Transfer that has been filled in the "Uploading Supplementary Files" section

 The Guidelines for the Manuscript Body Text

  1. THE TITLE OF THE MANUSCRIPT: Title of article no more than 15 words for English and no more than 15 words for Bahasa. The article should be started by the title of the article followed by the author's name and affiliation address and abstract. The author's name must be attached after the title of the article. All authors should be accompanied by an address, including the name of the institution and email address.
  2. ABSTRACT: The abstract should be typed as concise as possible and should be composed of: problem statement, method, scientific finding results, and a short conclusion. The abstract should only be typed in one paragraph and one-column format. How to Write an ABSTRACT: Focus on the following points: (1) Purposes and hypothesis(2) Methods: participant, design, measures, and procedure. (3) Results and Discussion/interpretation of results (4) Short conclusions. Write an abstract should stand alone, consider it the advertisement for your manuscript: Should tell the prospective reader what you did, and highlight the key findings. Avoid using technical jargon and uncommon abbreviations. You must be accurate, brief, clear, and specific: Use words that reflect the precise meaning, Cites no references.
  3. INTRODUCTION: Describe your article background on simple and explicitdescription using scientific argument and supported by sufficient data. Discuss it research problem or research hypothesis here. Include the literature review (state of the art) in this section to show the article have novelty and significant. Finally, your background is the important reason to discuss your article. End your introduction with article purpose.
  4. MATERIALS AND METHODS:  Explain your methodologies and how your problem research was solved. Include your research instrument, data collection processes, data analysis proscesses/hypothesis testing processes and data display processes. 
  5. RESULT AND DISCUSSION: This part consists of the research results and how they are discussed. The results obtained from the research have to be supported by sufficient data.  The research results and the discovery must be the answers or the research hypothesis stated previously in the introduction part. Describe it in comprehensive, simple and explicit. Authors can make sub heading on this section.
  6. CONCLUSION: This is the final part containing conclusions and advice. The conclusions will be the answers to the hypothesis, the research purposes, and the research discoveries. The conclusions should not contain only the repetition of the results and discussions. It should be the summary of the research results as the author expects in the research purposes or the hypothesis. The advice contains suggestions associated with further ideas from the research.
  7. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS:  All acknowledgments (if any) should be included at the very end of the paper before the references and may include supporting grants, presentations, and so forth.
  8. REFERENCES: Put all your references referred in the article here.. The references referred in the Journal Komunikasi dan Penyiaran Islam article is from primary sources (scientific journal articles) published in the last 10 years. The minimum reference is 10 resources and minimum 80% references from journal.  Jurnal Komunikasi dan Penyiaran Islam using American Psychological Association(APA) 6th Edition style. Reference preferably use reference applications engine such as Mendeley, EndNote and Zotero.


Copyright Notice

The Authors submitting a manuscript do so on the understanding that if accepted for publication, copyright of the article shall be assigned to Journal of Al Munir Journal of Communication and Islamic Broadcasting as publisher of the journal.

Copyright encompasses exclusive rights to reproduce and deliver the article in all form and media, including reprints, photographs, microfilms and any other similar reproductions, as well as translations. The reproduction of any part of this journal, its storage in databases and its transmission by any form or media, such as electronic, electrostatic and mechanical copies, photocopies, recordings, magnetic media, etc. , will be allowed only with a written permission from Journal of Al Munir Journal of Communication and Islamic Broadcasting.

Al Munir Journal of Communication and Islamic Broadcasting, the Editors and the Advisory Board make every effort to ensure that no wrong or misleading data, opinions or statements be published in the journal. In any way, the contents of the articles and advertisements published in the Al Munir Journal of Communication and Islamic Broadcasting are sole and exclusive responsibility of their respective authors and advertisers.


The Copyright Transfer Form can be downloaded here: [Copyright Transfer Form]

The copyright form should be signed originally and send to the Editorial Office in the form of original mail, scanned document or fax :

Usman (Editor-in-Chief)

Editorial Office of Al Munir Journal of Communication and Islamic Broadcasting

Addres: Jl. Prof. Mahmud Yunus Lubuk Lintah Padang 25153, West Sumatera

Phone: +62-751-24686

Faks.: +62-751-24686