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by Tom malkova (2022-04-04)

MetaMask is a powerful crypto wallet that can be used on mobile or computers. People can easily access the MetaMask account with the help of its Metamask extension and mobile application. To access your MetaMask account, you need to provide the password details of your MetaMask wallet.
Phantom Wallet allows users to withdraw and deposit SOL and other crypto tokens that can be traded on the Solana blockchain network. If you have created a wallet account on the Phantom app or browser extension then you can also withdraw your SOL tokens easily and quickly. But in case you are not aware of the path to do so, you might face trouble.
The prominent Kraken Exchange platform, Kraken can be used for crypto trading without any issue or delay. If you have signed up for a Kraken account then you can access it using the mobile app or a web browser. While accessing a Kraken account, you are asked to provide the username and password details on the Kraken login page.