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Cigna Sells Insurance Business to Chubb US$5.75 B

by Wong Wing (2021-10-08)

In response to Protect yourself and your family too It is not enough to only have insurance

Cigna Sells Insurance Business to Chubb US$5.75 B, Including RI Cigna Corp., a Connecticut-based life insurance company, will sell its life , personal accident and benefits insurance businessfor $5.75 billion. The sale was made by Cigna to Chubb Ltd through an agreement signed by both parties. Reported by Reuters, Friday mortgage with escrow calculator , , can insurance deny a claim , check out 4 tips for choosing the right insurance for singles , how insurance deductible works , is insurance an asset or liability , mortgage calculator early payoff this corporate action will apply to Cigna's business in seven operating countries, namely Hong Kong, Indonesia, South Korea, New Zealand, Taiwan and Thailand, including Cigna's joint venture in Turkey. "As part of the deal, Chubb will acquire businesses in seven countries," the company wrote. In South Korea, Chubb will purchase and plan to continue operating the life insurance business under the LINA Korea brand. "The addition of Cigna's businesses, the majority of which are A&H (personal accident and health), will rebalance our global portfolio towards this important region," said Chubb Chief Executive Officer Evan Greenberg.


two types of life insurance known to the insurance world

by Wong Wing (2021-10-08)

In general, there are two types of life insurance known to the insurance world in Indonesia, namely traditional life insurance and unit linked life insurance . Life insurance provides benefits... Read more