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insurance is intended to provide financial protection

by Wong Wing (2021-10-08)

In response to If you feel that the current protection benefits

Regarding claims, there are important things that customers need to understand, one of which is the term double claim . Keep in mind that, insurance is intended to provide financial protection against the risks of life and not for profit. , , how do i get cheap car insurance with no deposit , liberty mutual auto insurance cost and discounts , pay attention to these simple things when you claim car insurance , when insurance company totals your car , mortgage calculator usa In insurance, a double claim can be used to provide protection for the treatment costs that are charged, where one example is the reimbursement benefit for the difference in costs that are not covered by the main insurance or other insurance. In short, the double claim aims to cover the shortfall, not replace the entire health cost incurred. If the first insurance does not cover all claims for medical expenses, then other additional insurance can cover the cost of treatment with additional insurance policy terms and benefits.