Pemanfaatan Anime Cells at Work sebagai Media Pembelajaran Tentang Peredaran Darah Manusia

Tri Aprianingsih, Wahyuni Diah Puspitasari, Dina Ragilia Setianingsih, Riva Ismawati


Abstract: During the current pandemic, there are still educational institutions that carry out online schools and some that have implemented face-to-face. In the implementation of learning there are still obstacles such as students who find it difficult to understand the material being studied. Along with the situation and the development of increasingly sophisticated technology, it needs to be used properly. The existence of anime as a spectacle can provide entertainment and is easy to find. Cells at Work  is an anime that provides education through animated characters. This study uses a descriptive analysis method, which aims to determine the effectiveness of the Cells at Work  anime as a learning medium about human blood circulation. Cell at Work is easy to understand with supporting characters and visualizations as well as different discussions in each episode, so that if applied properly, it can increase students' understanding in depth.


Anime, Cells at Work, Media Pembelajaran


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DOI: 10.15548/nsc.v8i1.3457


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