Nurkhairat Arniman, Luli Sari Yustina


Google Meet is the service created by Google for educational institutions which the usage has fully supported from the Minister of Education and Culture. In order to prevent the transmission of Covid-19, education at all levels is conducted through online. The aims of this study are to examine the kinds of teaching listening skill in which carried out via Google Meet and to describe efficacy of Google Meet in facilitating teaching listening skill based on the students’ perception. Envolving trends of Google Meet offers numerous features of Google to support in teaching listening skill. This feature allows for an unlimited number of members to participate, communicate and live interact and chatting style especially for supporting teaching listening skill. The Google Meet which was created by lecturer was usually used by the students in the online class. Using Google Meet was very enhancing teaching listening skill for the students in UIN IB Padang.


Google Meet, Listening Skill, UIN IB

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