Analysis of Cultural Content Represented in “Bahasa Inggris Untuk Siswa Smp – Mts , Written By Debi Karmila And Ratna Juwita Ningsih” for Seventh Grade Students of Junior High School School

Taufik Hidayat Watan


Language and culture are interrelated. Having communicative competence may require students to understand the culture. Textbooks can effectively teach students cultural knowledge because it is easy to say that textbooks had a crucial role in EFL teaching. The study investigates the cultural content of the English textbook “Bahasa Inggris Untuk Siswa Smp – Mts, Written By Debi Karmila And Ratna Juwita Ningsih” for seventh-grade students of junior high school. The purpose of this study is to explore which culture is expressed and how it is expressed in textbooks. In this study, descriptive qualitative methods for textbook analysis used content analysis in particular. The study additionally used the two frameworks of cultural types Cortazzi and Jin (1999) and the frameworks of Adaskou, Britten, and Fahsi (1990) on cultural sensitivity. As a result of analyzing the textbook, the researcher finds two things. First, Bahasa Inggris Untuk Siswa Smp-Mts., Which is predominantly shown through the source culture (39%) compared to the target (6%) and international culture (9%(. Second, culture was mostly being expressed by a pragmatic sense (36%) compared to the aesthetic (3%), semantic (2%), and sociological (24%) senses of the textbook. Based upon the findings, this study suggests that authors of English textbooks include a presentation of a balance between source culture, target culture, and international culture.  


Analysis, Textbook, Cultures.

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