Armida Armida, Wildani Fatma


The article aims to find out the different score of students’ speaking skill between those who were taught with Role Play Technique and those with conventional technique at Junior High School 3 Bayang. Role Play Technique is a technique used by the teachers to build student’s participation during English teaching and learning process. This research was experimental research that involved two classes. In this research, the researcher used post-test only design for experimental and control group design. Both groups got the same topic, length of time and the teacher. The experimental group was taught by Role Play technique while control group was treated by using conventional technique. The finding showed that the average score of experimental class was 57.68 (SD= 7.01), while the control class was 27.72 (SD=6.28). Statistically analysis from SPSS test there was significant score from Shaphiro-Wilk of Experimental (0.189) and control class (0.061). It can be conclude that teaching speaking by using Role Play technique gave significant difference on students’ speaking skill at Junior High School 3 Bayang. Therefore it is suggested that English teacher should use Role Play technique to improve students’ speaking skill.


Role Play; Speaking skill; EFL Speaking Classroom; Announcement Text

DOI: https://doi.org/10.15548/rielt.v1i1.4076
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