Yola Sri Yulianti, Besral -, Hidayat AlAzmi


Inappropriate teaching techniques practiced by the teacher in developing students speaking skill caused several weaknesses in student’s learning. This study was conducted to analyze what teacher techniques used by English teacher in teaching speaking and why the English teacher chose these techniques in teaching speaking at eleventh grade of Senior High School 1 Bukittinggi. The study used qualitative descriptive research. The data were gathered based on observation and interview. It is found out that three techniques used by English teacher in teaching speaking were dialogue, discussion and song. The reasons used the techniques in teaching speaking caused by using dialogue could train students to pronounce some words and expressions related to the certain situation. Discussion could improve student’s vocabulary, pronunciation, and fluency and song also developed students speaking skill caused song would make the class more fun, enjoyable, improved student’s pronunciation and also increased their vocabulary. Thus, it can be concluded that these techniques was affective for applied in teaching speaking, motivated students to speak and teacher is good to implement this technique in the classroom and English teachers can use such technique as an alternative in teaching speaking skill.


Technique, Speaking, Techniques in Teaching Speaking

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