Ulil Amri, Anne Pratiwi


This research discusses student perceptions of teacher learning methods in the English Proficiency subject at DEK Padang High School. The purpose of this research was to describe students’ perceptions on English Proficiency classes at SMA DEK Padang during the COVID-19 Pandemic. This research is categorized as a descriptive research with qualitative approach by using case study design. The informants for this research were the grade XI students XI SMA DEK Padang 2021/2022 who had taken the English Proficiency classes for at least three semesters. In this study the researcher serves as a key instrument. The research instrument is a questionnaire and an interview guide. Time triangulation is used in order to test the validity of the data by comparing the results of the questionnaires and interviews. The questionnaire was distributed to 20 grade XI students who have taken the English Proficiency online classes for 3 semesters and
8 grade XI students as the informants on the interview. The results showed that the students of SMA DEK Padang had met the difficulty in digesting English Proficiency subject and considered the learning strategies employed by the teacher not to be in accordance with the expected targets, so a more effective technique is needed.


students’ perception, teacher’s strategies, English Proficiency classes

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