Volume 12 Nomor 1 Tahun 2021

The journal published this time consists of 7 articles. The first article discusses how a paradigm shift can change the organization of the Nan Jombang Dance Company (NJDC). The second article discusses how the influence of self-concept on foster children in an orphanage in adjusting.There are interesting things in the next three articles, which show that the Covid-19 Pandemic Period is also an interesting issue to be studied from various sides. Three articles entered the Journal of Islamic Community Development related to the pandemic. The third article discusses how the da'wah community in Yogyakarta carried out socio-religious activities during the pandemic. The next article discusses how business services that are filled with sincerity and piety during a pandemic will still provide maximum results, and in the fifth article describes online shopping which has become a lifestyle during the pandemic. The next article, highlights post-conflict Indonesia across Indonesia and how Indonesia has emerged from it all. While the last article talks about empowering unused land into Banto Rayo tourist attractions, which are now crowded with tourists.

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