Vol 1, No 1 (2019)

Imlah: Islamic Manuscript of Linguistics and Humanity

Alhamdulillah, finally IMLAH Academic Journal is complete. The Journal might be far from perfection but we hope that IMLAH Academic Journal could provide and assist the reader with valuable information. IMLAH Academic journal is primarily intended as a field for observers and language researchers to sow their thoughts and disseminate them to the public. Therefore the study in this journal is not specific to one language but multi-language e.g. Arabic, English and Indonesian.
Here, many hopes are shed on IMLAH Academic Journal. We hope that this journal can arouse madness in writing and researching. We also hope that this journal will become a reputable journal and become a scientific reference. Through this journal, we are searching for jungle and paving the road for various hopes.

Daftar Isi

Septika Rudiamon
Putri Hardiyanti, Asrina Asrina
Suci Ramadhanti Febriani
Martin Kustati, Vivi Zurniati
Novita Yolanda Santi, Awliya Rahmi
أزوار أزوار, عليا حسنى
Afrina Refdianti, Afwan Afwan