Analysis of Cultural Content in “Pathway to English" Used By Grade XI Senior High School

Liza Astuti Putri, Yuhardi Yuhardi


Teaching English cannot be separated from culture since they are in the two sides of a coin. In fact, teachers tend to use textbooks as the main source of teaching brought about dilemmas whether to satisfy the teachers or to fulfill students’ needs of Senior High School Grade XI. This textbook analysis tried to determine the content in form of percentage of the target and aesthetic culture and sociological culture presented in Pathway to English. Data were collected through observation. Focusing on targets culture analysis by experts, we found that the book had 14 items for aesthetic dimensions, 35 items for the sociological dimensions. The Target culture type had 97 objects of the total number of Target types that appear. From this research it can be concluded that the most dominant c culture presented in this book was aesthetic


Content Analysis; Cultural Content; Textbook.

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