Pengembangan Modul Pembelajaran Matematika Berbasis Realistic Mathematic Education pada Materi Sistem Persamaan Linear

Nana Sepriyanti, Latifa Nuri


The purposes of this research are: 1) Generate math learning modules based RME valid criteria; and 2) Generate RME-based math learning modules that meet practical criteria. Type of research used is research of development with 4D models that has been created by S. Thiagrajan (1974) consists of four development stages; define, design, develop, and disseminate. The research is only conducted until the third stage, i.e. developing stage. Defines stage consists of: a) the analysis beginning of the end; b) the analysis of learners; c) the analysis of concept; d) the analysis of task; and e) specification of learning objectives. Designs stage consists of: design of the mathematics module; b) design of instruments and instrument validation assesment learning devices. Develops stage consists of: a) validation module by expert and mathematics teacher; b) testing; c) questionnaire responses of teachers and students; d) interview with student. Result of the research indicates that based on the assessment of experts, this module have been valid with an average of 83,63%. Based on the result questionnaire responses of teachers, questionnaire responses of students, and interviews with students indicates this module have been very practical use on the learning of mathematics on material system of linear equations with an average 85,24% by teachers and 82,40% by students


Development, system of linear equations, Realistic Mathematics Education (RME)

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